Web Hosting

All VTG web hosting accounts are professionally managed services. You may ask “What does this mean?” It means that we are responsible for providing technical assistance in the event of all hardware failure and all operating-system specific software failure. This includes but is not limited to hardware upgrades & maintenance, kernel updates, software updates, network outages, DDoS attacks, etc. Let our professionals worry about your web hosting services so that you don’t have to.

Additionaly, VTG offers one of a kind web site design. We know our customers, and we know they don’t have time to design a web site. We at VTG are confident of the value and service we provide. VTG stresses that potential customers should first attempt the “Do it Yourself” options available at other sites. Although inexpensive, these rarely end up with the looks and functionality you had envisioned. For just pennies more, you can have a custom solution that best fits your needs.