SAP Projects

Bring Expertise to Your SAP environment and SAP projects

VTG will partner with you to create a road map tailored to your business and tap into our many years of expertise.

VTG specializes in helping companies that already employ SAP to upgrade and optimize those systems — increasing flexibility, enhancing business infrastructure and improving the overall cost of ownership. VTG employs effective end user training so that stakeholders understand and realize the upgrade benefits.

VTG has a proven track record of running projects on budget and on time

Your business and budget pressures drive the need for value and rapid delivery of your SAP projects VTG’s commitment to completing your SAP upgrades on schedule and within budget combined with our long-term relationship focus and structured methodologies, tools and templates exceeds customer expectations and delivers quality results.

Our primary business focus is to provide industry leading SAP consulting services. To help you effectively and economically exploit the functionality embedded within your SAP solutions, you can take advantage of the expert guidance offered through our consulting services.  If you are interested in contacting VTG regarding SAP consulting please send an inquiry using the “Contact VTG” option from the menu on the left side of the screen.